10 Wonderful Travel Hacks for Toddlers


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When this child takes a road trip, he always tells his parents to pack the essentials. Discover what he uses during his adventures on the road.

Make a Card Game an Adventure

With a deck of cards, there are many great game possibilities. This toddlers likes to play old maids with colorful cards.

Build Puzzles in an Empty Pizza Box

During a long road trip, a good puzzle can help the time fly by. The problem is momentum; if a vehicle is moving too fast, momentum will scatter the puzzle pieces. However, you can stabilize a puzzle for a toddler by setting it up inside an empty pizza box.

Play Darts on a Window

If you have a large SUV, you can create a fun zone in your cabin. Darts is a great game for the zone.

Play Portable Hoops

Shooting hoops is an easy game for a toddler. You can easily mount a portable hoop on a window in your vehicle.

Pack Distraction Snacks

A dessert distracts this toddler when he acts up. When your child is grumpy like Grump, bust out the chocolate.

Use Painters Tape

Painter tape is a very diverse product. Your child will find many ways to use it.

Buy Ear Buds

f you're going to travel with more than one toddler, pack a pair of ear buds. When they want to listen to music, the ear buds will allow them to hear the tunes together.

Buy Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags can serve many purposes during a road trip. You can use them for candy, snacks, nick nacks, accessories, and more.

Buy in Bulk

A typical toddler will stay hungry throughout a short or long road trip. If you shop in bulk, you'll have enough food for the trip and leftovers too.

Pack Comfortable Footwear

When a toddler is uncomfortable, there will be problems in the cabin. Foot pain can make a child grumpy, so pack comfortable shoes.