15 Powerful School Hacks for Kids


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When Scout the Scouter drives to school, he helps the kid conquer challenges using his hacks. If you need ways to make school easier, check out Scout's strategies.

Make a School Survival Kit

A good school survival kit should have items that you might need in a pitch. For example, you could build a kit that has extra pencils, spare crayons, and backup funds for lunch.

Make Your Notebook Stand Out

When you misplace your notebook, you'll probably fail a test. If your notebook stands out, more kids will most likely return it.

Build a Homework Caddy

With a homework caddy, you can organize all of your lessons in one convenient spot. When the caddy is full, encourage yourself to complete each lesson every day.

Hang Supplies on Hooks

Buy a few hooks, and hang them on the wall. Then, put your backpack on one hook, your school uniform on a hook, and various accessories on a hook. This system will help you get ready for school quicker.

Use a Plastic Bottle

If you randomly toss pencils in a backpack, they will scatter. Instead, put the pencils in a plastic bottle. It will keep everything organized.

Use a Chilled Sponge

When you put a soda in a lunchbox before school begins, it will be ice cold. However, it will get warmer throughout the day. If you place a chilled sponge in your lunchbox, it will keep your beverage cold until lunch.

Cut Erasers in Half

Instead of buying two large erasers, buy one giant eraser, and cut it in half. A typical eraser is dense, so you can share it.

Use Empty Soap Bottles for Paint

If you use paints, you could spill them. To prevent spills, pour each paint into an empty soap bottle. Whenever you need paint, just use the pump.

Use Empty Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans are great storage containers. To make your own container, open an aluminum can, and pour the ingredients into a pot. Next, thoroughly wash the can in warm soapy water. Then, tear off the product label.

Use a Thermal Bottle

If you're an athlete, you'll probably need a cold beverage regularly. Your sports drink will stay chilled for hours in a thermal bottle

Solve Problems Fast

You should never let a problem linger because it will bother you throughout the day. If you ever have an issue, get help from a teacher.

Take Notes on a Unique Dry Erase Board

Use a dry erase board for your important notes. Unlike a regular board, a dry erase board is fun to use, so you might want to keep one in your backpack.

Put a Portion of Your School Supplies in a Locker

A heavy backpack will make your back sore. If you're in middle school or high school, you should visit your locker regularly. During each pit stop, get rid of any books and supplies that you no longer need.

Pre Set the Locker Combination

Each time you close your locker, enter the first two combinations. When you need something out of your locker during your next visit, you'll only have to enter the last digit. This strategy will help you gather your supplies fast.