Sleepy Bear's Shadow Puppet Challenge

Sleepy Bear wants to teach you how to make shadow puppets.


The Tooth Brushing Experiment

Learn how to brush your teeth like Sleepy Bear.


The Yawn Challenge

Sleepy Bear has discovered something great about yawning, and you can try it.

Sleepy Bear's Power Nap Strategies

Sleepy Bear's strategies can help you take the best power nap.

The Bouncy Balls Challenge

Sleepy Bear has a challenge that requires sports balls.

The Ice Cube Challenge

Billy has discovered a cool effect that involves ice.

Another Way to Reuse a Skateboard

Billy has discovered another way to reuse a skateboard.

A Heroic Way to Reuse an Old Skateboard

Billy has found a way to reuse an old skateboard.

The Pine Cone Challenge

Billy and an alien have discovered an odd way to use a pine cone.

Billy's Heroic Foods

Learn what Billy eats to be strong.

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