Billy is just a regular teenage boy who likes to travel around the neighborhood on his traditional skateboard. One day, he finds an alien skateboard that talks on the ground in a crater. Now, he must team up with the alien skateboard in order to stop an alien who can make everyone grumpy.

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Futuristic Fun

After Billy takes the skateboard home, he must learn how to activate its features. The alien skateboard has many buttons, and each one gives Billy the ability to be a hero in this alien book for kids age 7-9.

When Billy's brother gets involved, the adventure goes a level. It surpasses most moments in other alien books for children 10-12. In order to prevent chaos, he must help Billy reach his full potential.

To be a hero, Billy will need upgrades. However, the process of acquiring them won't be easy. Billy will have to battle a large alien monster before he can obtain the upgrades. These upgrade aren't available in other skateboard books for kids age 9 12.
Join Billy and the alien skateboard on this thrilling adventure that spans space. You'll be on the edge of your seat before the invasion every step of the way.

Here is what other people think about this alien book for children.

TrizahKelvin: A fascinating adventure.

Jen: Fun book.

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