Beverages That Taste Great Ice Cold


When Billy goes into outer space, his drinks get very cold. Instead of thawing the beverages, Billy sampled them, and he discovered that ice enhanced the favors dramatically. According to Billy, you can create delicious icy drinks too by using a basic freezer and a few accessories.

Fruit Punch

Fruit punch drinks are available in a variety of flavors, so there are many opportunities to experiment with bold flavors. If you want to control the sugar, buy a drink mix pouch that requires sugar.
Billy discovered that ice makes sugar taste sweeter. This means that you can make a fruity drink with less sugar that still tastes great. However, to maximize the sugary flavor, you'll need to freeze the drink partially. If you completely freeze the beverage, the ice will create a delicious slush.


All sodas have a lot of fizz that can overpower a child. Billy uses alien ice when he visits other planets to tame strong sodas. On Earth, regular ice is also effective.
Alien food is a combination of liquid and solids. To mimic these foods, Billy partially freezes soda in a plastic cup. Then he breaks the ice into many pieces and transfers everything into another cup.