Can You Eat a Turkey Without Getting Sleepy?


Toby likes to eat turkey a lot during Thanksgiving, but Bret the Bear prefers vegetables. One day, Toby asked Bret to try a piece of turkey, and they both had a big turkey dinner. After the duo had the meal, Toby's granny told Bret that there are ways to eat turkey without getting sleepy. Bret and Toby got comfortable, and they listened to granny's solutions.

Granny's Eating Strategy

Granny believes that eating slow can help fight off the chemicals in turkey that make everyone drowsy. Bret informed Granny that he knows a tiger that is a motor mouth. He can eat a whole turkey in less than a few seconds. Granny advised Bret that eating fast isn't good. It's best to eat turkey slow like her. She starts her meal in the afternoon, and he finishes a few hours before midnight. Toby told granny that's too long because the food will get cold. Granny frown and raised her stick in the air, and Toby shut his mouth.

Granny's Portion Tactic

Now granny was on a roll, so she told the duo her next strategy. She wants everyone to get small portions. Granny got a plate, and she gave the duo an example. She had one piece of turkey, one piece of rice, and one bread crumb. Bret told granny that her portions would stave him. Granny frowned again and shouted one dab.

Granny's Table Strategy

Bret and Toby were getting sleepy. Granny noticed this, and she made her next point. She wants Toby and Bret to stop eating when they're full. Bret told granny that bears need to eat a lot to prepare for hibernation. Granny got her scrapbook, and she pointed to a crocodile she fed last Thanksgiving. She informed Bret that this crocodile made a mistake by eating too much. Now, he floats in the swamp instead of sinking underwater.

Granny's Exercise Tactic

The last strategy was Granny's best strategy. However, Bret and Toby were almost sleep when granny broke it down. Granny raise her stick and slammed it on the ground, and Bret and Toby woke up. Toby noticed that Granny was wearing a sweatsuit. Granny told Toby that she always runs to stores the next day to fight the effects of the leftovers. She runs like her favorite bunny athlete.