Easy Ways to Help a Kid Sleep Faster


When it's time for bed, a typical child may not want to go to sleep. He or she might constantly get out of the bed in order to be a rebel, and in some cases, a determined child may make noise while in bed in order to win the battle. If you're currently dealing with these problems, Sleepy Bear's five strategies that can help.

Schedule a Proper Bedime

According to the National Sleep Foundation, an average kid needs to sleep for about nine to 11 hours every night. As a parent, you must set a proper time for bed so that your child can wake up on time.
An early riser will have no problems falling asleep each night. However, problems will arise if you frequently let your child stay up near or until midnight. Once a kid follows a late night sleep schedule, he or she will have to wait until the mind triggers that it's time for bed. This usually happens near or after midnight.

Set a Reasonable Wake Up Time

The sleep time and the wake time need to be the same. You should begin to set a wake up time while your kid is in preschool.
Once you've selected a reasonable time, you can alter it for the weekend. However, you shouldn't let your child sleep until noon because this could lead to major problems in the long run.

Design a Strict Wake Routine

A consistent routine helps kids prepare for bed. When you're designing your routine, try to include activities that are fun and appealing along with important chores. For example, immediately following diner, your child could

Play games
Take a bath
Have a snack
Listen to a bedtime story
Go to bed

Ensure that every aspect of the routine is calming and comfortable. If the atmosphere is great, your child will fall asleep quickly.