Essential Products for a Skateboard Kid


Billy is a hero who uses an alien skateboard to battle aliens, so he has many essential skateboard products. If you need great skateboard gear for a kid, Billy's advice is worth considering.

Shirt and Hat

When Billy skates on his board on Earth and other planets, speed matters. If his clothing impacts speed, he won't have opportunities to fly high off of ramps. According to Billy, cotton shirts are great for skateboard kids because they provide air circulation. Billy wears cotton shirts during his big battles with Grump.

Following battling aliens, Billy wears stylish accessories, such as trucker hats. These hats are highly beneficial because they can shield sunlight, which can cause glare.


As a hero, Billy never has time to rest, so when summer is over, he must continue to fight in cold weather. When Billy isn't wearing his tactical gear, he wears a comfortable hoodie. Billy recommends cotton hoodies since they provide warmth and comfortable. On some planets, the alien snow can cause serve frost bite, which is why Billy never travels without a hoodie. Kids on Earth won't encounter alien snow. However, a hood on a plush hoodie can provide a shield of protection against regular snow.