Great Grocery Store Hacks


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When Clyde and his family go shopping, they save cash. Learn what they do to accomplish this.

Grocery Store Rewards

Clyde's dad is cheap. He will take ketchup packets from a restaurant instead of buying a bottle from a grocery store. Clyde wants his dad to spend more because ketchup packets are small. There isn't enough ketchup in a packet for his favorite foods. Clyde found a rewards card offer when he went to the checkout counter. He grabbed the flyer and gave it to his dad. Clyde dad's signed up, and now Clyde can buy regular ketchup. Clyde's dad has an Albertson's card and Kroger's Plus Card.


Coupons are everywhere in Clyde's home, but no one uses them. Clyde's mom tosses the coupons on the floor when she needs to clean up water stains. Clyde had enough; he knew that coupons were more paper towels. He grabbed the coupons, and he cut them with his safety scissors. Then, he used the coupons during their next shopping trip. Clyde's parents saved big. Now, Clyde gets coupons from BeFrugal, Rakuten, Ibotta, and RetailMeNot.

Wholesale Club

When Clyde's dad hears anyone mention a club, he runs for the hills. He was kicked out of a food club because he ate all of the meals. Clyde wants his parents to save a lot of cash, so he has to get his dad to join another club. He told him that Sam's club is the best. Clyde efforts worked. The membership provides big savings on fantastic products in bulk.

No Pre-Packaged Products

Many grocery stores sell food in packages. Clyde's mom always buys these products. Clyde got his calculator and did some calculations. He discovered that it's cheaper to buy food that's not in a package.