Heroic Ways to Get Kids to Eat Their Vegetables


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Most kids who are picker eaters will prefer other food besides their vegetables because veggies don't have an appealing the flavor. These strategies will help you introduce your child to healthy meals.

Conceal the Vegetables

Avocados provide five essential nutrients, and they're good for a child's immune system. Typically, a raw avocado will taste great on a sandwich.

In order to hide the flavor of avocado, you'll need cooking oil, herbs, and mustard. By combining these ingredients, you'll create a rich dressing for a ham and cheese sandwich.

Harsh Vegetables

Fresh fruit can overpower bitter vegetables if you make a smoothie. However, you'll need a good ratio to mask the vegetables.

Give the Child a Reward

The easiest way to get a picker eater to try new food is by offering a reward. If you follow Moore Design Store on Pinterest via the link below, you'll find great ideas on the Heroic Snacks for Preteens board.