How Sleep Problems Affect Kids


Over 50 percent of children have a sleep problem. This is a major issue because the lack of sleep decreases focus, and a child needs focus in order to play certain sports. In this guide, you'll learn what you can do to help a kid who has a sleeping problem.

The Bedtime Routine

When you sleep, you recharge your mind. If anything interrupts you while you're sleeping, you'll wake up with feeling sluggish.

In terms of children, they will need a good bedtime routine to prevent interruptions. According to Sleepy Bear, it's best to have a few hours of quiet time just before bedtime. If your child tries to go to sleepy excited, he or she will stay awake for while, and this may cause drowsiness the next day.

The Environment

The sleep environment is very important because it can affect how quickly someone falls asleep. If your child has difficulty sleeping every night, you should

  • Ensure that the space is totally quiet
  • Make the room dim.
  • Reduce or raise the temperature in the space.

Avoid Certain Foods

Most children have trouble falling asleep when they eat the wrong foods before bedtime. Don't be like Sleepy Bear; he eats everything before bed, and he's still able to fall asleep. He's not a regular bear. An experiment give him the ability to sleep with ease. However, your kid should avoid the following:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Cola
  • Chocolate
  • Energy drinks

Also, if you're going to serve dinner before bedtime, set reasonable portions. No one who is stuffed can fall asleep fast, including Sleepy Bear.

Physical Activities

Physical activities can make anyone fall asleep fairly quickly. Don't tell this to Sleepy Bear because he's lazy. Basically, these activities cause fatigue, and the lack of energy makes it easier to fall to sleep.