How to be a Great School Lunch Leader


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A great lunch leader will refuse to eat yucky food. Ted is a fantastic school lunch leader. If you follow his steps, you could be a captain like him.

Encourage Better Lunches

When Ted wants a certain meal for lunch, he takes charge. The mission begins with good lunch boxes. He uses them to let the school know that he means business. Ted has many lunch boxes that highlight what he likes to eat, which is a good thing. The other kids admired the lunch boxes, so they got duplicates, and the lunch staff noticed this. One day, all of the kids arrived with a hamburger lunch box, and the principal was shocked. He appreciated how all the kids shared the same food craving, so he made the lunch staff serve hamburgers more often.

Promote the Food

Ted knows that presidents get results. When his town has elections, he always spots a button on people's shirts. These buttons are effective because they get people to vote. Ted uses buttons to promote what he wants the school lunch staff to serve.