How to be Cool


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If you want to be cool, don't copy Wilbert. He drinks ice cold drinks during snowstorms to be cool. With the right gear, you'll impress other kids like a celebrity.


Coolness is all about swag. If you have swag, other kids will notice you. To build swag, you'll need a baseball cap. You can wear it forwards or backwards. Just don't wear it like Clyde. He wears his cap like he's going to a baseball game.


Next, you'll need a cool shirt and a hip walk. Your walk should be unique and cool. If you walk like Jerry, you'll be very cool.


Shopping is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of the places you visit. Along with your free day, I also recommend packing one-too-few days worth of clothing. Treat yourself to a lighter suitcase on the way there, and a new/local outfit as a wearable memory.