How to Be Strong Like She-Hulk


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If you want to dominate the scene, you'll strength. Discover what it takes to be powerful like She-Hulk.

Sports and Activities

Most activities can help you get stronger. For example, you can play a game of basketball to make your calves stronger. Half-court basketball is good, but full-court basketball is best because it requires more running.

If you don't like sports, you could use the equipment that's available on a playground. You can strengthen your arms a lot on the monkey bars. However, don't over do it because the monkey bars will fight back. Never make the monkey bars angry or they will put sores on your hands. This is why She-Hulk wears gloves when she climbs the monkey bars.

Warm Up

She-Hulk always warms up before she exercises. You should warm up like her. She does jumping jacks before she begins to exercise. She can never warm up without disturbing her neighbors since she is so powerful. When she hops, she shakes ground. If you want to exercise like She-Hulk, nothing beats a jump rope.