How to Build Courage Before Sleeping in the Dark


During the night in the forest, Sleepy Bear has a lot of courage. However, because he is a very heavy sleeper, nothing can wake him up easily once he starts to snore. Sleepy Bear knows that good sleep habits are important, which is why he always strolls around the forest to ensure that everyone has no problems going to sleep. One night, Sleep Bear heard a child screaming. The child was afraid of the dark. Sleepy Bear knocked on the window, and the child walked to it. When the child opened the window, Sleepy Bear told him that he has to build courage in order to sleep in the dark. If you're afraid of the dark, Sleepy Bear's strategies can help you too.

Rely on Soft Lighting

Proper lighting can help you build courage. The problem is that the process of falling asleep is tougher while a light is shining. When Sleepy Bear sleeps in the forest while all guests have lights shining through their windows, Sleepy Bear rolls over and sleeps away from the bright lights. If you want to build your courage gradually using a light, Sleepy Bear recommends that you begin your training with a lamp. Then when you're ready for phase two, replace the lamp with a night light.

Conquer the Dark

Once you have courage, try to sleep in the dark. While the lights are off, stare in the dark. According to Sleepy Bear, this strategy will make the darkness less scary.