How to Chill in Style


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When the weather is cold, the process of staying stylish can be a challenge. Many characters act goofy because the chilly air makes them shiver. If you want to be stylish and toasty on a cold day, use these strategies.

Avoid Cold Water

Never jump in an ocean when it's cold outside. Squidward learned this immediately. Because his house is underwater, he turned into a block of ice. Squidward is very classy, so he will never wear a stylish hoodie. However, if he puts one on, he will probably replace his clarinet with DJ equipment.

Wear a Long Sleeve Shirt

Barney Bear has a lot of fur. The problem is that his fur doesn't help him when he stays up beyond hibernation time. One day, Barney found a long sleeve t-shirt. When he wore it, he got more comfortable. Now Barney wears a long sleeve shirt whenever he skips the hibernation season.