How to Drive Without Breaking the Law


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Bob the cop always makes everyone follow the rules. In this district, only grown-ups can drive. The kids in his neighborhood don't like the rules because they want to drive too. One day, Bob gathered all the kids, and he took them to a place where kids can drive.

Caveman Town

When Bob and the kids arrived in Caveman town, everyone was shocked. There were no regular cars in Caveman town. All of the vehicles had no engine. Bob told the kids that cavemen just invented the wheel and engines were not available. Bob also told the kids that cavemen used their feet to move the vehicles forward. One child told Bob that he will never use his fancy shoes to power a vehicle. This child wears Air Jordan shoes, which are expensive sneakers. Bob and the kids continued their journey to the next destination.

Car Town

In Car Town, the cars drove around town on their own. Bob told the kids that they can drive in this town without breaking the law, but they have to turn into vehicles. The children didn't want to be automobiles because vehicles can't eat food. They can only drink gas and oil. Bob made his point. The kid will wait until they're old enough to drive.