How to Help a Dog Hear Like a Super Dog


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All of dogs from the Puppy Dog Pals already have great hearing, but there are things you can dog to make it better. Discover what it takes to make hearing a dog's ultimate weapon.

Listen to Music with the Dog

Music helps a dog in two ways. First, it enhances its mood, and second, it improves how the animal interacts with its surroundings.

If you want to get the most out of this strategy, you'll have to play soothing music that can comfort a dog. As the music plays, unwind next to your pet and caress its fur. The dog will feel like Clark Kent while the music is playing, but he will rise like Superman when the music ends.

Use Resounding Toys

Resounding toys are great training tools for dogs. They can give a dog a spider sense. Although spider sense is not Superman's ability, it can be quite useful for a super dog.

In order to get started, you'll need to buy a proper resounding toy. The toy could be a ball or anything item that squeaks or makes some type of noise.

When the dog plays with the toy, it will automatically associate it with a specific activity. For example, if you use a squeaky ball during every game of fetch, your dog will automatically fly to you when it hears the sound of the ball.

Talk to the Dog

The act of talking to your dog is the best form of heroic training. It's all about the tone of your voice. Basically, your dog will learn how to identity specific emotions based on the tone of your voice. If you use a high pitch, the dog will associate this tone with excitement. Neutral tones mean that nothing is wrong, and a low tone or an angry tone means that a dog is in trouble.