How to Hide Gifts From Determined Kids


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Martha is a determined child. When she wants to find a gift, she will find it. Her mom Deb knows that Martha has a nose like a hunting dog, so she has to find a way to outsmart her. She needs the Snooper Dogs.

The Wild Dog

When Deb called the first dog, he told her that distractions can stop a determined child. The dog hung up the phone and went to the dog pound.

Stoop Dog

The next dog was a Snoop Dog fan. Deb couldn't understand him well because she didn't speak Snoop jive. Stoop Dog gives gifts to the puppies every year, and he knows how to deal with hunters. Stoop told Deb to put Martha on a leash. Martha told Stoop that children never wear leashes. Stoop told Martha that businessmen wear leases around their waist. Stoop was wrong because businessmen wear belts not leashes. Deb hung up the phone and called one more dog.

The Rottweiler

Deb waited until the dog answered the phone. Then, a powerful voice was on the line. The dog said Finally, the Rottweiler has walked back to Deb's neighborhood. Deb knew that this dog was a fan of The Rock. Deb told The Rottweiler that she had a problem. The Rock asked Deb why Martha is misbehaving. Before Deb could answer, the Rock shouted that it doesn't matter why she's misbehaving. Then, the Rottweiler told Deb that she should set rules to discipline Martha. If you smellll. What the Rottweiler, is Cooking.