How to Make a Dog a Very Important Pet


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Ben's dog Toby is spoiled because he treats it like a VIP. Learn what makes Toby a very important pet.

The Placemat

One day, Ben needed to feed Toby, but Toby didn't want to walk on the kitchen floor. When Toby stepped on the tile, and backed up. Toby did this because the floor was cold. Ben told Toby to go to his dog bowl. Toby whined and went outside. Ben had a problem, so he went to the pet store. He told the owner of the store that his dog doesn't like to walk on a cold floor. The owner told Ben to use a placemat. Ben purchased the mat. When he got home, he put the mat on the floor in front of Toby's bowl, and Toby stood on it.

The Dog Bowl

Ben looked at Toby and asked him why he refuses to eat his food. Toby jumped on the kitchen table and put his nose on a fancy bowl. Ben knew what Toby wanted. He wanted a fancy bowl like him. Ben went back to the pet store again and got a bowl. The pet owner told Ben that he has a VIP. Ben asked the owner what is a VIP. He told Ben that a VIP is a very important pet. The store owner knew that Ben will return because VIPs like fancy things.

When Ben got home, he put the bowl down, and he noticed that Toby was sitting on a throne. Ben wondered where he got the throne. Then, he noticed that he left his phone on the floor. He used his nose to order more fancy products. Ben put the bowl on the floor, and he told Toby he was going to return everything. Toby whined and whined, so Ben make a deal. Ben told Toby that he could buy two more products. Toby jumped in the air, and they went to the pet store.

The Walk

The pet store owner shook his head when Ben walked through the door. He called Ben over to the counter, and he told him that a long walk would solve this problem. Ben knew what he had to buy. He went to the aisle that had collars and leases, and Toby select this favorite products. Ben and Toby tested the products outside. After the walk, Toby has drained. Ben is happy because Toby is too tired to be a full-time VIP.