How to Make Cooking Fun for a Child


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When Claire went to the kitchen, her parents wanted her to cook to meal. Claire likes to cook, but she skips some prep routines. Her parents had to find fantastic ways to make cooking fun.

Use a Fun Cutting Board

Claire's dad wanted her to learn how to use a knife, so he placed a cutting board on the table. The cutting board was bland, so Claire ignored it. Claire's dad discovered that he had a problem. A regular cutting board is too basic for a child. He rushed to the store and got a better board, and Claire was happy. She sliced vegetables like a warrior.

Use a Fun Cake Stand

Baking is a fun activity for kids because it's a science. Claire's mom wanted to make a cake with her. The process of baking is already fun, so Claire's mom had to make the journey more of an adventure. She decided to focus on the final product. Claire mom surprised her with a wonderful cake stand.

Use a Fun Cake Pan

Pouring ingredients is fun because the liquids flow like a waterfall. Claire's mom made the act of pouring cake batter a game after she acquired a funny cake pan.

Serve Chili in a Wonderful Chili Bowl

Claire's dad loves chili. He will eat it every day when it's cold outside. Claire likes to cook chili, but she wants to feel more important when she eats it. Claire's dad found some bowls that every kid would appreciate.

Serve Juice in a Bold Glass

When Claire is about to eat, she drinks fruit juice. However, her dad always makes several fruit juice blends for the family. Claire has many siblings, so she has problems finding the right glass that has her favorite juice. Now, Claire has her own glass that stands out among the pack.

Serve a Smoothie in a Thick Glass Jar

Claire likes fruit and vegetable smoothies too. Her siblings are wild, and they're not veggie fans One day, one of her siblings pushed her, and her smoothie spilled on the floor. Now, Claire protects her drink in a glass jar with a handle.

Level Up With an Apron

Claire wants to be a chef. She's going to wow crowd like Emeril with cook quick meals like Rachael Ray. When she puts on a fun apron, she feels like a professional chef.