How to Make Pancakes Like a Chef


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If your pancakes are bland, rise up and discover how to make your next batch taste better.

Chef it Up

Make the Pancakes Fluffy

A pancake tastes better when it's fluffy. You can make your pancakes fluffy with a sifter. First, hold the appliance over a bowl. Next, pour a boxed pancake mix through it.

Add Butter

Typically, a boxed pancake mix does not require butter. However, you should add it because it will make the pancakes more fluffy. It will also give them a buttery flavor.

Add Dairy

Dairy products will make your pancakes tender. This is why traditional pancake recipes require milk. You can use milk in a boxed pancake recipe too. If you want to make pancakes with a twist, use buttermilk.

Enhance the Pancakes with Topping

A pancake is bland without good toppings. If you want to give your pancakes a kick, try the toppings.

Peanut butter

Chocolate chips