How to Make Pizza at Home


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Bob always orders pizzas from the local restaurant. Rita and the kids know that ordering pizzas every day wastes money. Bob never bends his rules. When he sets a rule, he sticks to it. He made one rule about never eating in his car. One day, he was stuck in his car with a full course meal during a snowstorm, but he staved during the storm until it was over. Rita and the kids had to teach Bob a lesson, so they went to the grocery store to buy pizza ingredients. They're mission was to serve Bob a homemade pizza secretly. Will they succeed? Grab some ingredients and find out.

Heat Makes a Pizza Neat

Rita was a fan of famous pizza chefs. According to Hobby Flay, it's best to cook fresh pizza dough in a hot oven. Rita wants to wow Bob, so she put the dough on a pizza stone because it helps it cook better.

Know the Dough

When Rita was about to put the pizza in the oven, a penguin knocked on the window. The penguin told Rita that she should never cook pizza dough while it's cold. According to the penguin, the dough should rest on the counter for a while until it cools down. This is the best way to relax the gluten.

Be the Boss of the Sauce

Now, it was time for the tomato sauce. When Rita was about to layer the sauce on the pizza, a dog knocked on the window. Rita was wondering why are so many animals disturbing her. The dog told Rita that she should only put a thin layer of sauce on the pizza. The dog explained that too much sauce makes a pizza soggy.

Cheese Please

Rita was about to put cheese on the pizza. She scouted the area for animals. No animals are nearby, so she proceeded with the recipe. Just as she sprinkled cheese on the pizza, a mouse jumped on the table. The mouse squeaked and told Rita that too fresh mozzarella will create milk puddles on the pizza. He told her to use sliced, diced, or grated mozzarella cheese instead.

The Mob and Bob

All of the animals told Rita to cook the pizza. She cooked it until the crust was crispy, and she gave a piece to Bob. When Bob ate it, he got quiet. Then, he stood up, got his rule book, and toss it out the window. Bob will now make homemade pizza more because it's great.