How to Ride an Electric Scooter Safely to School


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A scooter is a great form of transportation for a kid. This is why Scout the Scooter excites crowds when he drives to school. If you want your child to stay safe on a regular scooter, use Scout's safety strategies.

Wear a Helmet

Every child who rides a scooter should always wear a helmet. Many fun helmet options are available for kids, so the process of finding the right one for your kid won't be a challenge.

Scout the Scooter doesn't need a helmet because he is made out of a heavy-duty alloy. However, he always gives a helmet to his passengers.

Wear Proper Accessories Like a Skateboarder

A helmet is just one safety component for a scooter. When Scout stops, his wheels create momentum, and he knows that good momentum could make a child fall on the ground. This is why he highly recommends that all passengers wear knee and elbow pads.