How to Throw an Alien Party


When Billy throws an alien party, he gathers great food and sets up a variety of games. However, when Billy travels to other planets during his adventures, he doesn't have access to Earth food. Most of the food and drinks that are available on other planets are green and somewhat delicious. Although the alien resources are different, Billy still throws great parties. Billy has a guide that can help you throw an alien party too. The big benefit is that you won't have to travel to another planet in order to gather the party supplies


Every party needs a bag of chip. According to Billy, you can serve a bag of guacomole chips as alien chips. These chips don't require dip because the guacomole coating provides a rich guacomole flavor and makes the chips green. If you want to serve regular chips, Billy recommends corn chips because they taste great with a green guacomole dip.
During Billy's travels, he found many dishes that had ingredients like a pizza. When he went to a pizza restaurant on an alien planet, the toppings were mainly green because aliens are healthy. Billy isn't a big healthy food fan, so he asked an alien to make the pizza taste better. The alien suggested cheese, so this is why Billy recommends this key ingredient on all alien party pizzas. To make this pizza without alien ingredients, you'll need fresh pizza dough and one cup of mozzarella cheese. The recipe also requires a half a cup of pesto, a few pieces of broccoli, and zucchini; these ingredients will give the pizza a green color. If you want to be a strong hero like Billy, toss one cup of frozen spinach on the pizza before you cook it.


Aliens make a variety of beverages by combining ingredients in a large slicer. When Billy visited one of the beverage shops, he discovered how to make unappealing healthy drinks taste out of this world. The key is to use fruits to hide the flavor of healthy veggies. If you want to make your own smoothie blends like Billy using Earth food, grab many green fruits and vegetables and toss them in a blender. To mask the flavor of the vegetables, ensure that the fruits have a higher ratio. If you experiment with different fruit and veggie combinations, you'll develop very impressive flavors.

Games and Decor

Billy has visited many stores on different planets, and every location had some type of alien board game. According to Billy, there are many similar games available at stores on Earth. If you visit a local department store in your neighborhood, you'll find these games too.

Besides board games, Billy is a fan of laser tag. If you want to learn how to hunt aliens like Billy does during his journey in Adventures on an Alien Skateboard, consider buying a laser tag kit for your party.

The process of decorating a space for an alien themed party is easy. Before Billy throws parties on other planets, he buys all green items. On Earth, you can buy alien themed balloons, banners, and other supplies from most stores.