How to Walk a Dog That Can Teleport


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Ned never wants to walk his dog Bret. When Bret wants to go outside, Ned makes excuses. Bret is a smart dog, so he knows how to solve problems. He learns science when Ned invents devices. Bret needs to walk with his pack. How will he join his crew without disturbing lazy Ned?

The Teleporter

Bret takes notes every time Ned uses an invention. The teleporter in Ned's lab could help him go outside in an instant, so he grabbed it. Ned bopped Bret with a newspaper, and he told him that his inventions are not for dogs. Bret grabbed his lease and pointed outside because he needed fresh air. Ned put the lease on Bret and turned on the treadmill. Bret didn't want to run on a treadmill. He wanted to go outside. Bret was whining and whining. Ned noticed Bret's behavior, so he decided to build a teleporter for a dog. He needed the supplies, so he teleported to the supply store.

Bret's Teleporter

Ned returned to the lab, and he started to build the teleporter. When the invention was done, he gave the device to Ned, and he told him that the teleporter is just for him. No other dogs can use it. Ned barked, grabbed the teleporter, and joined his crew. Bret's crew liked the teleporter. Moe was a dog scout in Bret's crew, and he needed a quick way to sell dog scout cookies. When he reached for the teleporter, Bret told Moe the rules. Moe used his puppy dog eyes to make Bret give him the teleporter. This technique is very effective. It's why Moe is the top seller in the neighborhood. Moe used the teleporter and sold thousands of cookies. He gave some of the money to Bret, and Ned use the cash to build teleporters for all of the dogs in the neighborhood.