Is a Mug Great for Cold Drinks?


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Todd wants to find out if a mug is great for cold drinks. He went on an adventure, and he made a great discovery.

The Toothpaste Bear

Todd took a trip to Antarctica because it's the coldest place to test a mug. However, he needs results from someone who understands the climate. Todd visited a town and found a polar bear holding a tube of toothpaste. The bear wanted to brush Todd's teeth. Todd didn't want a dentist, he needed a mug expert. The bear tried to put a toothbrush in Todd's mouth, but Todd kept his mouth closed. It was so cold, Todd teeth would crack if he smiles. Todd continued his journey.

The Western Penguin

The wind was strong, so Todd bundled up. Suddenly, he heard western music. When Todd turned around, he saw a penguin holding water guns. Todd was afraid because he was freezing. One shot with those guns would turn him into a block of ice. Todd told the penguin that he only wanted to know if a mug is great for cold drinks. The penguin told Todd to ask the cool bear, and he pointed to a school. Todd went to the school.

The Cool Polar Bear

Many polar bears were hanging out in front of the school. Todd asked one of the bears who is the cool bear. The bears stepped back, and a cool bear stepped forward. When he smiled, his teeth sparkled because he used The Toothpaste Bear's toothpaste. Todd asked the bear is a mug great for cold drinks. The bear grabbed the mug and posed. Then, he told Todd that mugs are great for cold drinks, and thermal mugs are better.