Justice League Heroes Review


Battle villains as your favorite super heroes from the DC world in this action-packed, overhead adventure game. If you ever wanted to manage a team of heroes, this is your chance to be heroic.

The Story

Justice League Heroes is about a plot to conquer the world. The main villain is Brainiac, but he is not the only threat. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter many other villains from the DC world like Gorilla Grodd, Doomsday, Queen Bee, and Killer Frost. There memorable moments throughout the game. However, when you make it to the final stage, you'll discover a major plot twist.


The brawls make this game a great game. Each hero does not only throw basic punches and kicks. The fight styles are fantastic because ever character has unique moves and special abilities. For example, Batman throws his Batarangs, Green Lantern can make a hammer of light, and Superman has heat vision and freeze breath.