Lego Spidey and His Amazing Friends


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Lego Spidey and his amazing friends could freeze in Mr Freeze's land. How did this happen, and will Lego Spidey defeat the villain?

It all happened one day when Lego Spidey and his amazing friends were not put away. This version of Spidey is not the regular Spidey. He is a Spidey action figure, and he belongs to a boy. The boy owns Marvel figures and DC figures.

On this day, the boy accidentally tossed his Lego Spidey figures with the DC figures. After he did this, Mr Freeze was no longer frozen. He started to move like Woody and Buzz, and he's not even a Disney character. Freeze took action because he does not know these action figures. He only knows how to fight Batman. If new figures invade his land, he would not have a chance. Mr Freeze has battled Batman for a long time, so he understands him. However, Lego Spidey and his amazing friends are new.

Mr Freeze wanted to know why Lego Spidey was in his world. However, he could not do so because Lego Spidey and his amazing friends were too high. They have spider powers, so they can stick to stuff. Mr Freeze had to reach Lego Spidey and his amazing friends, so he shot his ice gun. He was not successful. Because Mr Freeze was so far away, he missed. Lego Spidey and his amazing friends noticed that a character was trying to shot something from the ground, so they climbed to Mr Freeze's location.

When they got there, Freeze froze. No one knew why. Lego Spidey and his friends had a clue. Because they are Disney characters, they're able to move when they want because they have Mickey's Disney magic. Mr Freeze does not have Disney magic. He only has ice, and ice gets cold.

Mr Freeze could not stop Spidey and his amazing friends. They contacted Batman, Buzz, and Woody. Batman arrested Mr Freeze, Woody found a jail for him, and Buzz just shot his lasers for a while. Spidey and his amazing friends defeated Mr Freeze. However, something was wrong. Spidey knew that Mr Freeze was just being cautious. He stopped Batman because he did not want Mr Freeze to go the jail.

Batman took the cuffs off of Mr Freeze, and he was very grateful. All of the action figures will try to get along. Also, because they did not arrest Mr Freeze, they got a reward. The reward was a frozen dessert.