Mario Stores for Kids The Minecraft Guy Challenge


The Minecraft guy had a challenge for Mario. He completed Mario's jump challenge, now Mario has to tackle the Minecraft guy's adventure challenge.

Mario Prepares for the Challenge

Mario knew that the adventure would be a challenge, so he needed to be stronger. He spotted many power-up blocks, so he hit each one with his fist. Mario needed to be Super Mario for his adventure in the Minecraft world.

The Dungeon

Now, Mario is super, he can begin the quest. The Minecraft guy told Mario that he has to get a weapon out of a dungeon. Mario has experience with dungeons. The second world in Super Mario Bros for the NES is like a dungeon. Mario ran to the location on the map, got the weapon, and gave it to the Minecraft guy. What will happen next? Find out in the next Mario/Minecraft blog post.