Mickey Mousecapades Review


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Take a journey with Mickey and Mouse through many fantastic worlds.

The Story

Mickey and Minnie are the heroes in this game. They have to rescue Alice from Alice in the Wonderland from the villain. The American version of this game does not mention Alice. However, in the Japanese version of the game, there are pictures of Alice in the game manual.

The Powerful Duo

In this game, you control Mickey. Minnie just follows Mickey around the level. Mickey's main attack is like a projectile attack. He must get a power-up to unlock it. Minnie can fire projectiles if she gets her own power-up.

When you progress through the levels in this game, you must protect Minnie. If you leave Minnie behind, you won't be able to complete the stage.

The bosses in this game are from different Disney movies. You can fight these bosses with Mickey and Minnie. However, it's more strategic to let Minnie fight the battles because she is indestructible.