Mickey the Mouseketeer


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Mickey the Mouseketer wants to travel to Mars. However, he needs to prepare for the journey. How will the Mouseketeer blast off. Find out in this Mickey Mouseketeer story.

Mickey the Mouseketeer has one mission. He wants to visit Mars because he wants to be the ultimate Mouseketeer. In Mickey Mouse's land, a Mouseketeer is a warrior. Mickey invented the Mouseketeers, but he is not the best Mouseketeer. In other worlds, they are other Mice who are better Mouseketeers. One of the best Mouseketeers is Mighty Mouse. When Mighty Mouse visited Mickey's land, Mickey made him a Mouseketeer, and he was fantastic. Mighty Mouse is the ultimate Mousketeer for one reason. He is the only mouse who has been to Mars.

Mickey wants to visit Mars too, and he wants to be the Ultimate Mousketeer like Mighty Mouse. He has no way to contact Mighty Mouse because he is fighting crime somewhere. However, Mickey knows how to prepare for Mars like Mighty Mouse. Mickey went to town to prepare for his quest.

The journey to Mars will be tough and long, so Mickey will need food. Mickey did not know if cheese would stay fresh on Mars, so he asked Gyro Duck for help. Gyro Duck told Mickey that cheese would stay fresh on Mars. Mickey went to his fridge and gathered a lot of cheese. Now, Mickey was ready to travel to Mars. However, he did not have a ship. Mickey knows many Disney characters, so he has to find someone who has a ship. Then, Mickey remembered a character that he admired. The character who made him become a Mouseketeer. It was the Rocketeer. Mickey needed to find the Rocketeer fast. He transformed into a wizard. Then, he teleported to the Rocketeer's town.

Mickey greeted the Rocketeer, and he told him that he was a Mouseketeer. The Rocketeer asked Mickey why was he in his town. Mickey told the Rocketeer that he wants to travel to Mars. The Rocketeer went to a special lair, and he returned with a rocket. The Rocketeer told Mickey that he should use his wizard power to turn his rocket into a Mouseketeer rocket. Mickey did what the Rocketeer asked, and now he has a special Mouseketeer rocket. Mickey put on the rocket, and he noticed that it was like a backpack. Mickey put all of his cheese in the compartment. He was now ready to blast off.

The Rocketeer give Mickey other important items for Mars before he took off. Mickey started the rocket engine, and he flew high. Then, the rocket dropped to the ground. The rocket was out of gas. Mickey asked the Rocketeer why the rocket does not have fuel. He told Mickey that he trained Goofy with the rocket. Goofy has a ship and a lot of gas. Mickey now knows how to travel to Mars as a Mouseketeer.