Mickey's Favorite Fish Sticks


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When Mickey Mouse is not fishing for fish sticks, he buys the best products by his favorite brands. Gear up and discover what fish sticks should you buy like Mickey.

Lightly Breaded Fish Sticks - Trade Joe's

Mickey and Pluto like these fish sticks for two reasons. First, they're made from Alaskan pollock, which is a quality fish, and second, the fish is seasoned on the inside and out. However, the outside crust is the tastiest part of these fish sticks. Unlike other brands, the crust is very crunchy, and it is not greasy.

Super Crunchy Breaded Fish Sticks - Gortons

If you want eat fish sticks that are very crunchy, Mickey recommends this brand. He likes these fish sticks because they taste like they were cooked in a skillet.

Crunchy Fish Sticks - Mrs. Pauls

Mickey does not like salty food a lot, so these fish sticks are great because they're not seasoned with a lot of salt. Also, they do not have a lot of breading.

Wild Cod Fish Sticks - Natural Sea

According to Mickey, Wild Cod Fish Sticks are not crunchy. They have a different consistency that is very flaky.

Fish Sticks - Fisher Boy

These fish sticks are great as a snack. They're very flavorful because they're made with a unique blend that includes different kinds of fish.