Minecraft Stories for Kids Jump Jump


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The guy from Minecraft got a challenge from Mario. In the Minecraft world, no one refuses a challenge. On one occasion, a child found a phone that connected to the Minecraft world, and he dared a Minecraft character to fight a Lego character. The two characters brawled and brawled, and blocks flew everywhere. The Minecraft buy was not going to refuse a major challenge from Mario the jump king. Mario told the Minecraft guy that he couldn't jump like him.

The Challenge Begins

Mario laughed and told the Minecraft guy that jumping is his game. He can jump high without a trampoline. The Minecraft didn't care. He will prove to Mario that he is a good jumper too. The Minecraft guy ran far away because he needed to pick up some speed. Then, he ran forward and jumped over multiple obstacles like a pro.

The Next Challenge

Now, an old-school character from the Atari challenged the Minecraft guy to a classic battle. He told the Minecraft guy that vintage graphics are better than new-school graphics. The Minecraft guy went to his house and got a Gameboy Advance. When the old-school character observed the graphics, all he could do was clap.