Persil Pro Clean vs All for Stains


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Molly found a bottle of All Free and Clear and a bottle of Persil Pro Clean. She wanted to know which product eliminated stains better. After Molly ruined her dress, she discovered that she needed stain experts, so Molly send the detergents to a farm so that the pigs could review it. The pigs ran multiple tests, and they picked a winner.

All Free and Clear

When the pigs got the products, they reviewed the All detergent first. They liked that All has no dyes because they don't want to be purple pigs. One pig discovered that All is great for sensitive skin, which is a plus. These pigs like to play in regular and extra muddy mud, so they need a detergent that will protect their hide.

The pigs also found a few flaws. These pigs stink when they're done playing, so they need a detergent that smells good. They didn't like that All lacks a scent. Also, the formula has no fabric softener, so the pigs can't use this detergent to wash their sweaters. However, the biggest problem is that All's formula doesn't pack a punch for stains.

Persil Pro Clean

Persil Pro Clean wowed the pigs because its formula is specifically designed for stains. One pig stayed in a puddle of mud for a whole day. When he was done soaking, the mud was stuck to his hide. After a quick cycle in a tub of Persil Pro Clean, the pig looked like a million bucks.

In this battle, Persil Pro Clean is the winner because it destroyed the pigs' toughest grime.