Products That Help Kids Sleep Comfortably


When Sleepy Bear naps, he Sleeps hard. This is why animals in the forest always have problems waking him up. Because the forest doesn't have comfortable furniture for the animals, Sleepy Bear has to find ways boost his comfort during the night. Sleepy Bear hunts for comfortable items when the Ranger is sleeping. During the hunt, he found several products that you could use to sleep comfortably.

A Cozy Fleece

Sleepy Bear has fur, so he never has problems staying warm when the temperature is low in the forest. However, during a snowstorm, his fur doesn't provide a great layer of warmth while he is napping. This is why Sleepy Bear recommends a fleece. Sleepy Bear found a fleece on the Ranger's chair in his office.

A Soft Pillow Case

The ground in the forest hurts Sleepy Bear's head. One night, he discovered a soft fabric while he was staring in the guests window. He noticed that someone called the fabric a pillow case, so he sneaked in the cabin and grabbed it. Sleepy Bear discovered that the pillow case also needed a pillow.

A Plush Pillow

After Sleepy Bear grabbed the pillow case, he roamed through the cabins and found a pillow. According to Sleepy Bear, a pillow case enhances sleep patterns better when it's freshly washed. Also, Sleepy Bear discovered that a plush pillow in a pillow case is softer after the materials are fluffed.