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Scout the Scooter stays in Motor Town. This is a town for advanced vehicles. Neighborhood Town is a place for people, and it's next to Motor Town. Scout wants to go to the Neighborhood Town school because he spots kids having fun on the grounds. Although advanced vehicles aren't allowed in Neighborhood Town, Scout has to find a way to go to school with the kids in this kindness book for children.

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A sensor blocks the entry to Neighborhood Town, so Scout has to bypass it. After he gets to the school, he uses a smart tactic to enroll.

Neighborhood Town Middle School has a bully. If you're a fan of other kindness books for 4th graders, you know that the story has a bully. In this book, Brad isn't a fan. When Scout gains popularity, Brad gets angry, so he tries his best to drive Scout out of the school.

The big race is a major event at the Neighborhood Town Middle School. However, the racing team never wins. Scout has to deal with Brad and find a way to help the school win the race.

Learn what it takes to be kind with Scout. This book has great moments. Other kindness books for kids age 8-10 aren't about a scouter. Your child will understand why being kind is important when the story is over.

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Veronicawhite: Wonderful book.

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