Sofia the First Doll House


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Sofia the First's land has a plumbing problem, and only a child who wants a doll house has the solution. There are no supplies in all of the land. Can Sofia find the proper supplies for the doll house? Find out in this Sofia the First doll house story.

One day, Sofia was making rules for the citizens of her land. She had to make many new rules for the builders because of the plumbing. One of the kids in Sofia's land knew how to solve the problem because she had a pet. The pet understood the town's plumbing. However, the pet was not able to resolve the plumbing problem because the town's pipes were too massive. The pet needed doll house size pipes. If the pet could inspect these pipes, it will be able to create a blueprint for the town's pipes.

Sofia heard about the child and her pet. She knew that she had to recruit the child. If she does, the child's pet could teach the plumbers how to solve the town's plumbing problems. Sofia got on a horse and galloped to the town where the child was. Then, Sofia got off the horse, and she found the child. The child lost the pet. Sofia was shocked because she needs the pet's help. Sofia asked the child why did the pet escape. The child did not know. However, she remembered that the pet was roaming around outside near a sewer.

Sofia and the child went to the sewer lid. The pet was not there. However, they did find some building supplies by the sewer lid. Sofia could not lift the lid, so she called one of her staff members. Then, a strong man arrived. He lifted the sewer lid. When the man tossed the lid on the ground, he was shocked. He discovered that there was a large town in the sewers.

The man knew that the pet's plumbing strategies could solve the town's plumbing problem. The man understood the pet. He knew that the pet needed a house that was its size. The man ran to his house, and he returned with a doll house. The man called the doll house the Sofia the First doll house. Sofia wanted to know why the man called this doll house the Sofia the First doll house. The man put the pet in the house, and he waited. Then, the pet walked out of the house with blueprints for Sofia's land. This is why the man called the doll house the Sofia the First doll house.

Sofia rewarded the child because her pet helped the land. The child wanted a large Sofia the First doll house. Sofia called a wizard. When the wizard arrived, he made the Sofia the First doll house bigger. Now, the child and her pet have a house complete with plumbing.