Mario World Review


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Take a trip to a wild land in Super Mario World.

The Story

Rescue the princess in this fun adventure featuring Mario and Yoshi. In this game, Mario is in a prehistoric world where the obstacles are tough. Mario starts the adventure in a land of dinosaurs. Then, he advances to other worlds that include coco plains, ice caverns, and more. He meets Yoshi when the adventure begins. Yoshi is hidden in an egg on the first island. Throughout Mario's adventure, he will encounter many power-ups that will give him new abilities. It's a wonderful game for all Mario fans.

The Power-Ups

The first new power-up that Mario gets in Super Mario world is the leaf. It transforms Mario into Super Mario with a cape. The cape is fun to use because it gives Mario the ability to fly. When Mario lifts off, he flies like Superman. However, his flight time will only last for a short time. In order to stay in the air, Mario must activate the cape's parachute ability. When Mario is not flying, he can use the cape as a weapon. If Mario spins with the cape, it will knock the enemies down. Mario can even use the cape as a weapon in the air via a dive bomb. The dive bomb is a powerful attack that shakes the ground, which destroys all enemies in the area.

Mario's most iconic ability is the fire flower. In this game, Mario gets a new color scheme. Mario's overalls are now red when he gets the power up, and his shirt turns white. Also, Mario can now spin and shoot the fire balls in multiple directions.

The power star is also a featured power-up in the game. It makes Mario invisible for a short time.

When Mario grabs a mushroom, he gets bigger and stronger. Sometimes, the mushroom will try to run away from Mario.

The power balloon is only available in one level in the game. It fills Mario up like a balloon, and it helps him float for a short time.