Teeth Brushing Strategies for Kids


Sleepy Bear needs strong teeth because they help him bite food that grows in the forest. He also uses his teeth to chew delicious food that's found in picnic baskets. Sleepy Bear noticed that most kids eat candy, so he tried a piece that dropped on the ground. After he ate it, his teeth weaken. When he went to tell the ranger about this problem, the Ranger told him that candy causes cavities, and the only way to fight cavities is by brushing every tooth. These are the Ranger's strategies, and you can use them too.

The Hibernation Rotation

After hibernation, Sleepy Bear's teeth are always in poor condition. Normally, Sleepy Bear goes to the pond and rinses his mouth out with water to clean his teeth. However, according to the Ranger, regular water can't get rid of sugar from candy. The best solution is the Hibernation Rotation.

To brush your teeth like Sleepy Bear, grab a toothbrush and squeeze toothpaste on the bristles. Then place the bristles against your teeth and rotate the toothbrush in circles.

Replace the Toothbrush

Because Sleepy Bear has sharp teeth, he destroys toothbrushes very quickly. Your teeth aren't sharp, so they won't tear through the bristles. However, you should still replace your toothbrush whenever the bristles are weak.