The Best Sports That Build Energy


Sleepy Bear sleeps all of the time, so he needs great ways to build energy. One day, he learned about sports while a coach was coaching kids in the forest. As coach Sleepy Bear, he has developed a guide for kids that highlights the best sports that build energy.

Frisbee Games

When Sleepy Bear coaches the forest animals, he uses dishes as flying discs. They couldn't catch the dishes, so Sleepy Bear borrowed a Frisbee from the kids in the forest.

Coach Sleepy Bear designed challenges for the animals using the Frisbee. He told all of the animals to select a spot to stand in the forest. When the game started, each animal tossed the Frisbee around. Whoever tossed the Frisbee far away from another animal was out of the game. Sleepy Bear recommends this game for kids.

Another game that's worth trying is Sleepy Bear's Frisbee flag tag. To play this game, someone has to be a quarterback on the offensive team, and the other kids will be on defense. When the quarterback tosses the Frisbee, the defensive players must grab a flag after someone catches the Frisbee. The team that scores the most touchdowns wins the game.


While Sleepy Bear was roaming through the forest, he noticed the ranger playing basketball in his office. The goal was attached to the wall in the office, and the ranger used a crumbled piece of paper as a basketball. Sleepy Bear asked the ranger to order a goal for the animals in the forest. Following a few games, Sleepy Bear discovered that running a few drills using a hoop builds energy.


Many kids play soccer when they visit the forest. Sleepy Bear wanted to join. However, each time he tried to kick the ball, his claws destroyed it. According to Sleepy Bear, soccer is very effective for kids and bears. However, all bears must wear a pair of comfortable sneakers.