Tom and Jerry Classic Prank Items


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Can classic pranks help Tom and Jerry defeat a criminal in the town? Find out in this Tom and Jerry classic story.

The town where Tom and Jerry fight has many prank items. Tom and Jerry always uses these items when they fight. However, all of the best Tom and Jerry classic prank items were disappearing, and Tom and Jerry did not know why. They need these prank items because they fuel laughs.

Tom and Jerry had to figure out who was taking all of the classic prank items. There was a clown on the corner of the street, so Tom and Jerry investigated. The clown did not want to help Tom and Jerry because he wants to be the best prankster. When Tom gave the clown a hint about the missing classic prank items, the clown just laughed. Then, he pranked Tom. Jerry laughed because the prank was funny. Tom attacked Jerry, and the clown went around the corner. Tom and Jerry did not know that the clown had all of the classic prank items in a vehicle. It was a clown vehicle, so the clown was able to pack a whole warehouse worth of supplies in the vehicle very easily.

When Tom and Jerry were done fighting, they noticed that the clown was trying to get away with the Tom and Jerry classic prank items. They had to do something. Then, Jerry noticed that the clown dropped something on the ground. It was one of the prank items. Jerry celebrated because the item was just what they needed to stop the clown. It was tacks. If they put the tacks on the ground, they can give the clown's vehicle a flat tire.

The clown's vehicle ran over the tacks. Then, the clown got out of the vehicle, and the classic prank items spilled on the ground. The clown, Tom, and Jerry all just stood there. It was about to be on. They knew that it was time for a prank battle. Tom, Jerry, and the clown rushed and grabbed a ton of prank items. The clown wanted Tom and Jerry to battle each other, so he hit Tom with a water balloon, and he blamed it on Jerry. Jerry told Tom that he did not do that, but Tom did not care. He threw a balloon, and it hit Jerry. Jerry reached in his bag and grabbed a water gun, and he sprayed water on Tom with it. Then, Tom grabbed a bowling ball, and he rolled it. The ball knocked Jerry out. The battle was getting more intense, and the clown knew this. He was about to escape with many of Tom and Jerry's classic prank items.

Tom and Jerry noticed that the clown was running down the street with a bag of pranks. They knew what they had to do. Tom grabbed a bowling ball, and Jerry got on the ball. Then, Tom rolled the ball, and Jerry steered it. The ball rolled until it hit the clown. Tom and Jerry stopped the clown, and they got all of the prank items back.