Can Busy Bird's Methods Wake Sleepy Bear?


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Book Description

Sleepy Bear sleeps all of the time in this bear book, so he never helps Busy Bird with the forest chores. Busy Bird is in charge of the chores, which is why he must find a way to wake up Sleepy Bear. Busy Bird's methods are funny; however, they're not very effective. When Busy Bird is about to give up, he discovers a way to snap Sleepy Bear out of his sleep in this bedtime book.

Busy Bird's first method only gets Sleepy Bear to roll over. What does he use to accomplish this when the story in this bear book for children begins?

The next method would wake up a normal bear is other bear books for kindergarten children. However, Sleepy is a hard sleeper. He sleeps harder than a grizzle bear in most bedtime books for boys.

When Busy Bird is about to give up, he uses a resource in the forest. This tactic makes this bear book for kids 3-5 very funny.

Near the end of this bedtime book for kids, Busy Bird and Sleepy Bear encounter the Ranger. He provides a big twist.

Journey to the forest with Sleepy Bear and Busy Bird in this funny rhyming bedtime book. When the story is over, your kindergarten child will understand how to solve a problem.

Here is what other people think of this great bear book for preschool.

Alma J. Wilson: Cute story.

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