Why Mugs Are Great


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Most characters in the cartoon world use mugs for many beverages. The store owners know that mugs are better than plastic bottles, and here are two reasons why.

Mugs Help the Environment

If more kids drink beverages in mugs, less plastic bottles will pollute landfills. Scooby Doo and Shaggy understand why mugs are important. When they drink root beer in a mug, they chug the beverage until it's gone.

Mugs Are Great for Hot Chocolate

Many cartoon characters visit the Great Mug when they want hot chocolate because it has marshmallows. One boy uses a fishing pole to catch the marshmallows in the mug. If you want to eat marshmallows with hot chocolate this way, you don't need to visit the Great Mug. You just need a regular mug, your favorite marshmallows, and some hot chocolate.